For more than 6 years, See East Intl Co.,Ltd has been providing dehydrated vegetable, herb, and select fruit ingredients to the food industry.

Through the years, we’ve maintained sole ownership of our company and built a team with a wealth of knowledge—five of our key positions have over 100 years of combined experience in the industry. This command of the industry translates into consistency and continuity throughout the company. Headquartered outside Chicago in Momence, Illinois, See East International combines the bulk of our organization-processing, quality control, administrative, warehousing, shipping, sales force—in one location.

Over our long and successful history, we’ve stayed focused on what we do best: producing ingredients using the highest possible standards. With more than three decades of experience, we take pride in our reputation as a leader in the marketplace.


Our commitment begins in the growing fields, working hands-on with the farmers. We’re tenaciously committed to what we do, staying involved at every step along the way—in some cases, starting even before a single seed is planted.

Our global quality team conducts intensive training in the fields, product processing, and advancement within global food associations and government administrations specific to our industry and ingredients.

This commitment to quality is carried through to processing, shipping, storing, and delivering the most flavorful dehydrated ingredients. We’re constantly monitoring the manufacturing of See East ingredients  with a continuous flow of information back and forth throughout our supply chain. From planting to processing, we can react quickly to manage risks and ensure that proper controls are in place.