Organic freeze dried seabuckthorn powder are in production.

Organic freeze dried seabuckthorn are in production.

Sea-buckthorn is the precious economic forest tree species that contains the most kinds of natural vitamins in the world at present. The content of vitamin C in sea-buckthorn is much higher than that in fresh jujube and kiwi, so it is known as the treasure house of natural vitamin

Nutrition value:Seabuckthorn fruit has high nutritional value and contains fat, protein, sugar, salt and vitamins.It is rich in content. Each 100g seabuckthorn juice contains vitamin C 500mg-400mg, vitamin E 250mg-400mg, vitamin B1 contains 0.05mg-0.3mg, vitamin B2 contains 0.03, g-0.15, g, vitamin B12 contains 0.2mg-0.88mg, vitamin K compound 115, P vitamins 20mg-350mg.

It;s usually used in healthy foods,medicine,and comestic.

Package:8kg /ctn