Peak period of Chinese ginger season is upon us

The overall production volume of ginger has declined this season and the trade volume in the Chinese ginger market is relatively small. In addition, Chinese consumer demand for ginger has been growing during the pandemic as ginger warehouses are gradually emptying. The ginger export price experienced a temporary rise in August and September. The price remained high for about one month, and then began to fall again in the last week of September. 

the recent price decline is a regular feature of the Chinese ginger market. The main reason for this development is that ginger traders generally lease their warehouses until the first of October. Traders with stock in storage are eager to empty they warehouse or be forced to pay for another six months of refrigerated storage space. The sudden flooding of the market results in a seasonal price decline in late September. The current price of preserved ginger, exported from China to the Netherlands, is around 2,200 USD per ton. The price of air-dried ginger is around 2,500 USD per ton.